Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa's Here!

One holiday tradition is getting your child dressed up in Christmas finest and having them scream on Santa's lap for a photo. I LOVE it. So, of course, I got C dressed up and we went out with his buddies to visit Santa.
We chose the Southpoint Mall Santa. And he was great! He was so "real" looking I was tempted to ask for that Kindle I had been craving. And he was as absolutely sweet and perfect with children as a Santa is. C had absolutely no issues with him at all, and was more fascinated than anything. Santa smiled, ho-ho-ho'ed and let us pile 3 babies on his lap all at once for a group photo.

The prices seemed reasonable to me, and the packages they offered were diverse. I was very pleased! We even had the benefit of going during a weekday, so the wait was very short. I can imagine it gets long on the weekends, but still not "A Christmas Story" long.

BUT, I hear that the Meadowmont Club Santa may just be real. I had a source tell me that the Meadowmont Santa gets information from his "elves" and knows exactly what the children are asking for on their list, what their Christmas letters to him said, and has the answers to whatever questions the children ask about the North Pole. Amazing. So when C is able to ask questions and talk to Santa, we might give the Meadowmont Santa a go.


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