Monday, January 18, 2010

Stroller Ice Skating

Sometimes an idea comes along that sounds wildly fun, but possibly dangerous and you think "but what will people think?" Then you realize it is sponsored and endorsed by your local city government officials and you sign up immediately. Hence my adventure with C to Stroller Ice Skating.

AT&T sponsored the Raleigh Winterfest this year. A small ice skating rink in downtown Raleigh set up for the season only, they came up with the brilliant idea of getting use out of the rink during nonpeak times by encouraging moms to come.

So, yup, it is what it sounds. You rent ice skates, lace up, secure your baby firmly in the stroller, and get on that ice and push the stroller around!

I can not explain how fabulous this was. First, not at all dangerous. The baby is completely stable in the stroller, it turns out. The danger is in remembering or learning how to skate for mommy. But not one single accident from anyone while I was out there.

Second, C loved it. There aren't many kids who wouldn't love being pushed across the ice in the comforts of their stroller.

Third, that took me back to my childhood! I remember trying to learn to ice skate as a kid...going round and round the rink to bad music (which Raleigh Winterfest provided as well)...

An event that can be just as fun for mom as it is for junior is great.
Just one question: Where, oh WHERE, is this done at a roller rink?

Raleigh Winterfest (seasonal)



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