Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gymboree: The New One!

My mommies and I were so excited that the Gymboree Play & Music was opening it's doors in Durham. 'Eureka! A new, clean, padded place to take the babies and let them crash into things!'

So my mommies and I were some of the first to sign up for the free trial classes they offered on grand opening.

Let me say: it is a new, clean, padded place to take the babies and let them crash into things. The facilities are gorgeous. They are set up fantastically for babies and toddlers. (Although, note, that if you want to do one of the activity classes, it is best if your baby can at least sit. Crawlers, though, seemed to get the most out of it.) C had a great time going through tunnels, sitting in tubes, chasing balls. Great playyard and gym.

Let me also say: the need to have some sort of structured "class" felt a little unnecessary to me. C was much more into the "things" than the moments in group as it felt like the group moments weren't very smooth and a little awkward.

To this mommy, it would have been nice to just allow my child to freely explore the area at his own pace. The good news is that they offer times like these -- open gym time. No class, just show up and you can play on the equipment with whomever else happens to be there. The bad news is that you have to be actively registered for a class in order to take advantage of the open gym times. And classes are not cheap unless you hit them up during one of their deals!

So unless you sign up for a full session and class, you can't use the clean, new, padded facilities.

This is a session-registration model, but they are incredibly flexible with make up classes.

My opinion aside, I have had friends who signed up for class sessions (the class level one up from the trial we did, so maybe that made the difference) and are having a lot of fun. C did have a blast crawling on their goods. Maybe they worked out some of the grand opening kinks. And if you just want some time for your child to be able to be in a place that is guaranteed to be baby proof, this is it!

Gymboree does offer other classes, as well, in art and music. I have not tried any and have not heard stellar reviews, but they should let you try one for free so judge for yourself. Then let me know!

3515 Witherspoon Blvd., Durham, NC 27707 US
Phone: (919) 419-3150


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