Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lifestyle Family Fitness Family Fit

Updated 1/2012: LFF in Apex has closed its doors and is now a Liftetime Fitness.  C'est la vie.
So how cool is THIS idea!?

Starting in April, Lifestyle Family Fitness in Apex is offering a Family Fit class.

"A combination class for parents and kids 5 and up. The end result: getting fit and having fun together. The “instructor choice” class includes moves from yoga, dance and athletic conditioning so that all of our senses are brought into play. Be hip, be strong and be calm – all in one class!"
The classes rotate each week between Dance and Athletic Conditioning.
It's at 4:30 on Thursday evenings. I am not sure whether or not you have to be a member of the gym to attend, so please give them a call (I even provide the number below, so no excuses!).

As a gym rat, I think this is a fantastic idea! Too bad C is way too young for this right now.

Lifestyle Family Fitness- Apex
1040 Vision Drive
Apex, NA 27523



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