Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wilson Park- Carrboro

Wilson Park is located in Carrboro on Williams Street (which intersects with Greensboro near Estes Drive). We took C there since we were looking for "baby swings," which Wilson Park has and, it turns out, C hates. We're not giving up though!

This park was great-- large enough to hold a lot of kids on one of the first beautiful spring days without feeling crowded. The play equipment was huge and nice, but, of course, a little too big for C just yet. The children on it, though, seemed to be loving it.

Besides the one large playgym, there were also a few other smaller areas for children to play, one which catered to the smaller ones.

There is a lot of sand around and under the play gyms, but C didn't mind that. It was actually fun to watch him explore the new texture.

There was a lot of space available for picnicking (which we saw some friends doing!) as well. Shade was available for picnicking, but not a lot of cover over the play areas.

Parking is easy at this park, too.

Here's a list of what they've got:

  • lighted youth baseball field
  • 4 tennis courts
  • playground equipment
  • picnic tables and grills
  • a picnic shelter
  • open play areas
  • rest rooms
Wilson Park


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