Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Bunny Visit

Since we had so much success with the Santa Visit, my mommies group decided to take the babies to visit the Easter Bunny at Southpoint Mall. And it was just as fun as our December holiday visit.

The Easter Bunny was not nearly as scary looking as some others I have seen, but was definitely big! It didn't seem to phase the kids, though, as the Easter Bunny patiently let us pile 6 babies (yes, 6 babies) on his lap. The helpers hooted and hollered to get everyone's attention, let the babies play with the glittery eggs, and generally enjoyed the process as much as we did.

Again, the options for the packages and the prices seemed reasonable and not outrageous. And as we went during the week, the wait was not long at all (can't vouch for weekend visits).

I can't believe how patient and fun the workers were, and look forward to going again with my mommies group next year.


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