Friday, April 23, 2010

Flyleaf Books- Storytime

It is book day here on the blog. Earth Day and TV Turn Off Week got to me! Plus, C and I accidentally stumbled on the Flyleaf storytime while out and about running errands (guess someone should use her own blog more, huh?). It was so lovely and fantastic!

First, Flyleaf books is a Chapel Hill gem in general. New to the area, they took over the old ladies fitness gym space next door to Fosters on MLK Blvd. It is big, and very cute. There is a large room in the back for author events and readings, and Flyleaf is doing a great job of bringing notable authors into town to discuss their works.

Second, they really do well catering to kids. They have created a nice little "nook" dedicated to children, and where the storytime takes place. There are big, squishy chairs, as well as a kid-sized table and chairs. Blocks, toys, rugs, and many more things back there help kids realize that bookstores are fun, too!

Third, the woman that was reading the stories (all related to the Planet Earth and how precious it is) did such a good job. Her reading style was captivating, but she also did a good job of fielding the comments from the crowd ("I have three cats!! One of them killed a bird!") but not letting those enthusiastic responders diminish from the task at hand.

There were songs to sing and, after the reading and the singing, there was a craft for the kiddos.

This was well attended, and all of the kids (and parents, I might add) had a great time. It is geared towards preschool age but all ages are welcome. C doesn't quite have the attention span yet to sit through a full storytime, but what he did make it through he seemed to enjoy.

Thursdays, 10:30 am

Flyleaf Books
752 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
(919) 942-7373


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