Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Johnny's in Carrboro

Updated 11/2011: Johnny's is under new management and closed for changes. Stayed tuned.
It's a nice day, you want to get out; why not head out to your local dive, buy some fishing tackle, have a beer, visit the tienda, and bring your baby?!

Johnny's in Carrboro has come a long way since it's premiere on the Daily Show as a spot for the salt of the earth types to frequent for their fishing bait. It still has that same laidback attitude, but it now is a place to be: guglhupf pastries, microbrews, good wine, local & fresh eggs, and hot coffee. All of this can be consumed on the premises (provided you find a way to cook your eggs). Pull up one of the chairs handmade by the owner of the store, who also happens to be a metalsmith.

For us, it was a great place to sit outside with the kids. Although note: C loves to crawl, and it is not a crawl friendly area unless you are fine with your child traipsing through the mulch (which I am). But there is a lot of space, no time restraints, no waiters, and no need to keep your child in a high chair or away from other tables.

We ended up having a long conversation with our local postman, who was taking a break from his route to refresh. How can you not love a community store like that?

Other things about Johnny's: Crepe cart on Sundays & Bingo Nights.

Johnny's of Carrboro

901 West Main Street
Carrboro , NC
Phone: 919.969.0031


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