Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kaboom Website

We do try to focus on local things on this blog. We figure you have your outlets for finding cool things out there on the web. But sometimes something comes along that we feel is worth sharing. We gave you Now we give you

Not only can you search for playgrounds by location on a map, but they are rated. I am not sure how these ratings are assigned, but it is nice to have some guidance. I also generally agree with their ratings. But that's just this mom.

If you are feeling philanthropic, you can donate money to various playground projects in your area. If you are feeling even more ambitious, you can use Kaboom to help start a playground project from the ground up.

I would love to see someone get in touch with Kaboom and host a play day in our area. Thinking of which friends I can nominate for that...

Anyhow, as the weather is gorgeous, enjoy using Kaboom to find your nearest golden playground.


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