Saturday, April 3, 2010

Local Websites

What is out there on the Internet for Triangle Moms specifically?

Here are some links to share:

1- Triangle Mom 2 Mom
I, personally, can't figure out how to use it well. It seems to have a lot of information, just hard to get to. But worth bookmarking.

2- Carolina Parent
Yup, the same people who put out that free magazine you snatch at the Harris Teeter each month.

3- Stir Crazy Moms of Durham
Another fun blog, full of ideas.

4- Triangle Mommies
In association with Carolina Parent. Really good for posting questions, in my opinion.

5- Triangle Mothers of Twins & Triplets
(Thank GOD this does not apply to me. More power to you women out there that it does apply to.)

Another site you will want: Chapel Hill-Durham Mothers of Multiples

6- I talked about Mother's Groups in a different post so won't re-bore you here.


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