Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Postpartum Depression - More info.

Hey there blog-cadets. I actually got some really good feedback regarding the PPD post (mostly that you were very glad it was information available, and that it is an important topic).

My friend sent me some follow up items that I think are worth a follow up post-

A book:
Beyond the Blues: A Guide to Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression
by Shoshana Bennett
About $10 and in stock at Amazon.

Another support group:
This one comes with a personal recommendation from someone who used their services and found it very helpful. From Rex Health, it is a group called "Mom Supporting Moms."

Here is the information from the Rex Health website:
Moms Supporting Moms is a support group for women who are experiencing anxiety, depression and/or adjustment difficulties related to childbirth and new motherhood. All meetings are led by experienced counselors in postpartum depression. Encouragement, hope and support are shared in a safe, positive atmosphere and moms are encouraged to share their feelings and experiences. For more information, times and locations please contact us at (919) 454-6946.

As always, MominChapelHill thanks you so much for your ideas, tips, support, and emails. Please keep it coming.

Tomorrow I'll bring you some information on outdoor activities. But for now, we sleep.


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