Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Red Hen Boutique

Updated 12/2011:  After dealing with the Weaver Street closing, The Red Hen decided to relocate.  No longer in downtown Carrboro, they have a beautiful, fancy new shop in Chapel Hill's University Mall.  The pictures below are from the new place, complete with a play area, and the address below is up-to-date.  All other information, such as what they sell, events, and our review, remain accurate!

The Red Hen is bursting with goodies for every parent-shopper out there. Consigned items for a steal? Check. Handmade items by local artisans? Check. Hard to find baby brands? Check.

A lot of people know The Red Hen for it's consignment aspect. They only take good, clean stuff, and they move a lot of merchandise. If you want to sell through them, you drop off your goods, give them a week, they tell you what they will sell and if you get store credit or cash. If you want, they will donate any merchandise they don't want to Welcome Baby in Durham (or you can have it back, of course). The Red Hen also keeps waiting lists so you can be called when a specific consigned piece comes in. Yours truly is waiting on a booster with tray that attaches to the chair.

But The Red Hen is also a great place to get [new] Ergos, slings, gift items for baby that are locally made and unique, Baby Legs (so cute!), FuzziBunz, locally made nursing covers, Beco's, nursing bras, and more. Since this is in an old house, you are constantly turning a corner into a new room full of goodies. The maternity section even has a "belly" you can wear while trying on clothes.

And all new in the University Mall location - a great little play area for the kids to enjoy while you shop.  The new space is so light and open so you can keep an eye on your tots while in the shop.  The experience is quite enjoyable!

The Red Hen hosts weekly events (such as a Breast Feeding cafe). You can also subscribe to their blog to get updated information on new arrivals, although it doesn't look like it has been used too recently.

Little known program they offer: the "Buy Back" program. This is perfect for out of town guests with baby. It isn't a rental program, perse, but you can buy some items and return them for 50% back within a certain amount of time. This is great if you have people coming into town and need a high chair for a week or two.

The Red Hen is definitely a unique place. So enjoy shopping!

The Red Hen
University Mall

201 South Estes Drive
Chapel Hill


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