Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Teer House: "Ask a Pediatrician"

Great information from a friend, "S'Rich," today. I wish I had known about this when I first had C since it sounds fantastic. Now, of course, I just have our pediatrician on speed dial. Don't tell her I know about this now, she might stop taking my calls!

For new & soon to be parents, the Teer House in north Durham is a wonderful resource. It's run by the Duke health system and most of its classes are free and open to the public.

They cover a ton of family and baby oriented topics (baby care, introducing babies to dogs, wills & trusts, finding childcare, baby CPR, etc.). Check out their calendar (link is below), and if you see something you like, it's easy to register online. [And if you need extra motivation to go, it's right around the corner from the fabulous Goodberry's Frozen Custard!]

My favorite class of theirs was Motherhood: the New Reality Show. It's actually more of a support group than a structured class. It's targeted to 3-12 weeks post-partum moms, although others are welcome. It meets weekly and has wonderful nurses, pediatricians, and other new moms on hand to help answer post-partum and new baby questions.

(This particular class is a man free zone for the privacy and comfort of newly nursing and healing moms, so daddies should plan to stay at home and register for the new dad-focused course option "New Tools for New Dads." That wasn't an option last year, but if it was, you can bet I'd have signed my hubby up for it!).

The class meets in the basement, so you'll have to lug the new baby in the bulky car seat down some narrow stairs, but it's worth the trouble! There's also water, a changing table & a bathroom down there.

Duke Medicine: The Teer House
4019 North Roxboro Street Durham, NC 27704
Office: 919-477-2644



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