Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walnut Street Park - Cary

D is so lucky; Sarah C. is always taking him to such fun parks! Here's a report of a brand new one in Cary. Enjoy.

Cary’s newest park, Walnut Street Park, was dedicated in August 2009. On 11 acres, it features two play areas, an open field, a 1.4 mile paved trail encircling the park and a “Brick Pedestrian Promenade with Integrated Public Art” per the Town website.

The play areas are divided by age groups: 2-5 years and 5-12 years. Although many of the kids I witnessed in the older area looked past 12 and, really, who says that’s the cut off age for playing? The Nexus play equipment it features (possibly a first and only in the Triangle?) looks very futuristic and I’m tempted to give a try myself! Both play areas have swings and squishy rubber play surfaces. The younger playground also has a climber with slides, a sand box with digging toys and a grouping of low balance beams.

In the center of each play area is a small picnic shelter with tables so you can easily bring the family for a picnic and fun. Or kick back with a cool drink and relax while you watch your kids play (assuming older kids here).

Restroom facilities are located next the younger playground. Personally, I was a little disappointed. For a new park, the restrooms (well, I only peeked into the women’s room) were a bit run down looking and there was not a diaper changing station. I did have a chuckle when I noticed the water fountain outside. Not only did it have the accessibility code mandated high/low fountains, but also a fountain for the dogs. Definitely a positive for those with furry four footed children as well.



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