Monday, April 5, 2010

Weaver Street Market

Disclaimer: I am a member. I love this place.

There are three locations: Hillsborough, Southern Village, and Carr Mill Mall. They are all great. But Carr Mill Mall is the original and not much beats the original these days (think Spiderman 2).

This place could not be more perfect for kids. Rainy days you can hole up inside with a community so friendly towards children you really do feel like you could walk away and leave your child with a new babysitter for a few hours (not recommended). Of course, they also are so friendly towards kids you will also most likely be inundated with parenting advice from a stranger who, as it turns out, doesn't have kids but is in elementary ed down the road at UNC.

You can buy all sorts of food as this is a grocery store. [Actually a co-op, but who is splitting bloghairs?] It is a grocery store with a fine smorgasboard of prepared foods both hot and cold, a delicious salad bar, pastries, a coffee bar, wine & beer (which you can consume on the premises), fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, and a baby aisle. So if you forgot your Earth's Best Chicken Vegetable Medley for junior, just pop in and buy a jar. And you can go in as many times as you want for those extra pastries. No one is looking.

I am not sure the sanitation score fairs the finest. But then we usually have spit up and snot on us all day, so who really cares?

Even better, the Carr Mill Mall location has a massive lawn. In the spring, after winter sodding, it is a lush grassy knell for picnic. Kids can roam free and be easily seen. In fact, roaming is encouraged.

In the summer months they have live music on Thursdays and Sunday Jazz Brunch. These events are incredibly popular, and the children dance and play tag for all hours around the lawn. But, again, they are incredibly popular. So get there early to stake out a place for your blanket.

Weaver Street Market

Multiple locations
101 East Weaver Street
Carrboro, NC 27510



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