Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ali Cat Toy Store

I am just going to say it: this is my favorite toy store. Located in historic Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, this place just makes it fun and easy to shop for toys.

They aren't the largest store, they aren't the most packed with inventory, but they always seem to have what I need and want without being overwhelming. You can actually see what is on their shelves, and all the merchandise is accessible. They have toys for all ages, and, yes, they have Lamaze toys, the highly coveted Whoozits, PlayMobil, Gertie balls, trains, board games, arts and crafts, books, seasonal items, and more. The toys trend more towards the classic, and less the electronic, side of retail. And since C's electronic toys personally drive me crazy (how many time can one mom be expected to listen to the same song without going a little insane?), I like that.

The staff here is so friendly and helpful. It certainly has that local touch.

Plus, it is right next door to a Rita's Ice as well as Elmo's Diner. It's the perfect trifecta!

Ali Cat
Carr Mill Mall
200 N. Greensboro St. Suite A-15
Carrboro, NC 27510

(919) 932-3954


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