Monday, May 24, 2010

Exchange Club Park - Hillsborough

I want to be honest with you friends. So I am going to tell you that I will most likely stay away from this park in the future. Located in downtown Hillsborough, this has such a great location. Easy distance to the Hillsborough Weaver Street Market, this park is located on the road which was the original thoroughfare leading from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough.

But this little park needs some help. I know that play gyms get faded from sun, and I know that they might not look spiffy. Yet these really suffer from lack of maintenance.

There are two areas: a tot area for ages 2-5 and an older area for kids 5 & up. There is some shade, and the ground is mulch. But the ground is also lots of weeds. And ants. I took C over to the tot lot, and the ants were ridiculous (and biting), so we quickly booked it. Not to mention that there is broken equipment and plastic at the tot lot. The plastic window on the platform is in pieces, very jagged, dangerous pieces. And the swing set looks and feels as though it is going to fall out of the ground.From what I can gather, this park is owned & operated by The Hillsborough Exchange Club. This is a great organization that is doing great things, but they really need just a little reinvestment in the park. And when they do it, please let me know guys! I love the location and it could be great. It is just in desperate need of some TLC.

  • tot playground
  • playground
  • ball field
  • clubhouse
  • shelter
The Exchange Club of Hillsborough Park
331 Exchange Park Lane

Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 732-9283


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