Monday, May 17, 2010

Meadowmont Village

Looking to get outside on Saturday and have fun while not breaking the bank or driving too far, C and I went to Meadowmont Village to play and otherwise linger.
As all good adventures start, we had some food! I have mentioned that we like to eat at Brixx. So that was my choice for the day, and once again we were not disappointed. But I do want to say that Carolina Cafe is a great place to eat as a family as well. A walk-up counter with sandwiches and salads, it is also kid-friendly. You can dine al fresco, and menu items are very tasty.

Yet there is a lot more to Meadowmont than just dining. So after lunch, C and I went exploring.

We started by walking along the trails through Meadowmont's community. These are paved paths, so they are easy for the stroller and very gentle. Part of the vision of Meadowmont was to provide green space and recreational areas without clear cutting an entire part of NC. I personally think they did a nice job. Picnic tables and benches dot the path, so you can take a break whenever you want and just enjoy the sun.

But while the walking was very easy, I don't think C and I found the most picturesque part of the path. We started at the Village. The paths are accessible at the back of the parking lot near Prudential realty and also on the other end of the retail section by the art gallery. Part of the path walked up and through the village houses (which are cute, but don't leave much room for nature) and then the other part we walked went down towards 54. So while we saw a pond, it looked more like a drainage pond. And while the walk was easy, you could definitely hear and see the cars racing by on 54.

My scenery-standards aside, it really was an easy walk, so worth the stroll. Especially if, like me, you ate too much pizza. And we never ran out of path, so you could walk a ways. When we were done walking, it was a very easy trek back to our car and some Lickity Split ice cream.

Meadowmont also has a few playgrounds, but C and I didn't explore those this trip. I know we'll go back, though. And I will be sure to let you know what he thinks.

C and I did a little shopping while in the Village, too. There are some cute, unique gift boutiques in Meadowmont. I really enjoyed Jester's. This little store was packed with upscale gift items. Lily Pulitzer, Vietri, Simon Pearce, and more designer and specialty brands are in this shop. They do have children's and baby products, too. I love the little blabla dolls and Jester's sells them (although note that despite their website information, they no longer sell Petunia Picklebottom bags).

There are plenty of other fun shops in Meadowmont, too: clothing stores, shoe shops, art galleries, a very cute stationary store called Salutations, and a Bean Traders for your coffee fix.

Overall, we had a great time walking around, enjoying Meadowmont's center, and will definitely plan on going back some time soon.

Meadowmont Village
off of Rt. 54 in Chapel Hill


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