Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pop's Backdoor South

When S'Rich mentioned a great find in Durham recently, C and I as well as a couple of other mommies decided to follow her lead, and try out Pop's Backdoor South this past Tuesday. And she is one smart cookie: we all had a lovely, kid-friendly lunch.

Pop's itself is not new. In fact, it is all very confusing right now. There is a downtown Durham location called Pop's Restaurant on West Main Street (yeah, they just moved so see ). Then, originally quite literally out the back door of Pop's Restaurant, was Pop's Backdoor. But it looks like they are not moving but staying in downtown Durham on West Peabody. See for current information.

Regardless of what those two crazy kids do, the one we hit is called Pop's Backdoor South and is a brand new location, still in Durham but off of Shannon Road in Hope Valley Square (near Barriskill Dance and the Post Office), hence it's "south" designation. It was clean, comfortable, and a lot of fun.
The menu? Pizzas and calzones and salads and pastas. And we are talking some seriously large helpings. Which I love, as I am perpetually hungry. For our lunch, we all ordered the special: a slice of pizza and a side salad for $4.50. And I think it is fair to say that we were all pleasantly surprised with the size of the slice and no one left hungry. It was really tasty, too.

But the best part was the kid-friendly aspect of this place. In one corner of the restaurant, Pop's Backdoor South has created a kid's spot. There is a table set with paper and crayons, and shelves holding Melissa and Doug puzzles, toys, books, blocks, and even a few mini wooden pizzas with all the toppings for kids to "make."

The bathrooms have changing tables, and there were plenty of high chairs for our gang.

So, really, it's a clean, new restaurant with good, cheap food, and a kid's corner to entertain children of all ages -- what is not to love about Pop's Backdoor South?

Thanks, S'Rich!

Pop's Backdoor South
Shannon Plaza at the corner of Shannon Rd. and Old Chapel Hill Rd


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