Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simpson Street Park - Carrboro

I hope all you blog-friends are out enjoying the beautiful weather we're having (I will get off the computer, promise). C and I had fun the other day wandering around aimlessly, walking long sidewalks, and meeting new dogs. And in the end we found ourselves at the Simpson Street Park in Carrboro.
Simpson Street Park is so named as it is on the corner of Simpson Street and Main Street. This park is relatively new, so the equipment is in mint condition. There is a swingset with a bucket swing for babies as well as some other weird swing contraption that we didn't quite figure out. There's a modified seesaw, a climbing gym, and a big slide. There is a picnic table and bench as well, which makes this a comfortable place for mom & dad to hang out while the kids play.

The shade factor is high as this is surrounded by trees. The ground is mulch, which makes for fun throwing in C's opinion.

This park is definitely geared towards the older kids though (recommended ages 2 and up), but is still quite lovely. The only thing that is tough is that it is on a fairly busy intersection. Main Street does get some traffic. But the park is completely fenced in, so the designers considered the safety factor and your wee one can't go barreling off into oncoming traffic.

To get to this park, I wouldn't walk on Simpson Street. I tried that, and it was not an enjoyable walk since Simpson Street does not have sidewalks or a shoulder and is a fairly well-used road. I would take Main Street to get there. And stopping at Johnny's on the walk makes for a nice little walking outing.

Simpson Street Park
corner of Simpson Street & Main Street in Carrboro


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