Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapel Hill Tennis Club (pool)

And once again, I managed to get myself into a very nice pool for a day! Thanks to a friend, I can tell you what I know about the Chapel Hill Tennis Club.

I really liked this place because of its baby pool. Sure, there is a monstrous blue water slide for the older kids that looks like fun. And there are big, huge umbrellas in the main pool area for lots of shade. The main pool is big, with plenty of room for lap swimmers, kids doing handstands, and all kinds of pool-goers. There are also plenty of chairs and places to sit around the deck of the main pool, which is lovely. But I was all about the baby pool here.

The baby pool is in an area that is fenced off, of course, from the main pool. But it is fenced off with benches (permanent, unmovable benches that babies can't crawl under or over). So it looks more integrated, and it also provides seating. There are also plastic tables and chairs, and lots of them, under shade right near the baby pool. Chapel Hill Tennis Club even had a tent up in the pool for shade while your child splashes. How great is that!?

So beyond a fantastic baby pool and a large main pool, Chapel Hill Tennis Club also offers other amenities for kids: a sand volleyball court, tennis courts (of course), a basketball court, a covered picnic shelter, and a big playground with swings. There is a concessions stand, called Slice, which sells pizzas, hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches. The food is pretty standard concessions quality, but Chapel Hill Tennis Club allows you to bring your food into the pool area.

For parents, Chapel Hill Tennis Club has a fitness room and a massage therapist on site (although massage sessions are extra money). You can also rent the facilities for parties or events.

Alas, like the Southern Village Pool, the Tennis Club is for members-only. For a family pass year-round (and they have indoor tennis courts as well) it is a $600 one-time initiation fee and then an additional $343 per quarter. But they do offer a summer only membership option, which is a one-time fee of $850 for a family. They have some other flexible plan options, though, so check out their website (see below) for information. And if you catch them at the right time, they run specials. Camps and lessons will cost you extra, but you get a discount if you have a membership.

The Tennis Club has a very active swim team, and also offers swim lessons. This can sometimes restrict public pool hours, so you might want to check the website beforehand if you are thinking of heading over there.

I also learned that the Chapel Hill Tennis Club is a non-profit membership-owned recreational facility. It has been around for 43 years, and is in a fabulous location right off of 54 or Old Fayetteville (depending which way you go) in Carrboro.

You are probably a prepared family and already have your pool pass for the summer, but may you consider Chapel Hill Tennis Club in the future as this place has a lot of recreation to offer beyond the pool. And, if you are lucky like me, may you have wonderful friends who offer to take you this summer!

Chapel Hill Tennis Club

403 Westbrook Drive
Carrboro, NC


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