Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gold Park- Hillsborough

As much as the Exchange Park was old and in need of some love, Gold Park in Hillsborough is brand new and gorgeous.

This is a 20-acre park that is still under construction. Right now, you can find a picnic shelter, dog park, ball field (which is currently being regraded), restrooms (which are very nice), and picnic tables. There are two separate playgrounds, one for the 2-5 year olds and one for the 5-12 year olds. These, too, are new. The ground cover is mulch, and there is very little shade, but the play equipment is great.

The best part of Gold Park is, in my opinion, the trails. This park is at the end of Nash Street in Hillsborough, and right on the Eno River. There are beautiful, paved, stroller friendly trails that you can meander. Right now, the trails aren't too extensive, so you can't walk for too long unless you do the same loop on repeat. But the town is actively expanding the trail system, and the plan is that the trails will go along the Eno and take you all the way to downtown Hillsborough. That will be fantastic!

I also love the historic aspect of this park. The ballfield is built on the site of the original ballfield that the old millworkers used, and the old railroad tracks loft above the Eno River.

Overall, this is already a great park and is set to get even better.

Gold Park in Hillsborough

415 Dimmocks Mills Road
(end of South Nash Street)
illsborough, NC


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