Friday, June 11, 2010

Matthew's Chocolate in Hillsborough

DH, C, and I are "summering" in Hillsborough (meaning we have a short term rental in Hillsborough right now). And I am so happy to explore this wonderful little town a little more. I have to say that my happiness was increased exponentially when realizing that I was in walking distance to Matthew's Chocolates.

You know that I love ice cream, but handmade truffles and chocolates come in a close second. And Matthew's makes some of the finest around. I have to say I think they are better than a few of the other (let them go unnamed) places in the Chapel Hill area. They are beautiful to look at, and just as divine to eat.

Ok, so beyond being something "for mom," why is this blogpost on here? Because I always see kids hanging out here. They sell Locopops. Not the same selection as if you were to go to a Locopops store, and they can run out of certain flavors, but you can always get one popsicle or another from Matthew's when you are in downtown Hillsborough on a summery day.

Matthew's also makes personalized party favors, and sells other good things.

And you might be lucky enough to catch a mid-day wine & chocolate tasting while you stop in to get junior a popsicle.

Matthew's Chocolates
107 North Churton Street
Hillsborough, NC



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