Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ben's Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Food out of a truck is cool. For some reason, this is a huge trend right now, and a trend I can get on board with. It is even better when it is a shaved ice truck that is right on Old 86 in Chapel Hill.

This is a truck that seems to have two different names: Ben's Hawaiian Ice or Ice Ice Baby. I like Ice Ice Baby but the only information I could find on the Internet says it's Ben's Ice. So I am guessing that Ice Ice Baby is marketing smarts (how clever!) and Ben's is the real name.

Either way, Ice Ice Baby/Ben's is on the corner of Old 86 and Homestead Road in Chapel Hill. It sits at a small service station.

C and I travel Old 86 quite frequently these days. I kept eying this truck, wondering what it was all about. So in the 100 degree heat, when C was tired of being in the car, we dropped by for a break.

The hours are generally Monday through Friday 12:30 pm to 5 pm. But you can't really miss the big yellow truck and the sign out by the road that says Ice Ice Baby.

The truck only has shaved ice, but that is all they need. One big ice shaving machine, and loads of flavors. They advertise over 50 flavors. We stuck to the very basic strawberry. (The young lady working the ice machine said that Tiger's Blood is their best seller.)

This was so good! It melted crazy fast in the 100 degree heat, but it was delicious. Something about sugar ice is so refreshing. Much lighter and more refreshing than ice cream (even though I would never pass up an ice cream).

Since this is on a street corner, there aren't good places to sit and enjoy your shaved ice. But it makes a great drive-by surprise treat for the kids.

Prices are easy: $3-$5.

If you try the Tiger's Blood, let me know.

Ice Ice Baby/Ben's Hawaiian Shaved Ice
Facebook Page
Calvander Corner (across from the BP)
Intersection of Homstead & Old 86

Chapel Hill
Monday - Friday 12:30 pm -5:00 pm


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