Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carrboro Century Center Toddler Playtime

I was so ready when Carrboro Parks & Recreation announced the return of their Toddler & Preschool Indoor Playtime. C and I jumped on the opportunity to go this past week.

Carrboro Parks & Rec opens up the doors of the Century Center on Tuesday mornings from 10 -11:30 specifically and only for kids 5 and under. But they stop this program during June and July, with the thought that kids will be playing outside. So when it started up again this past Tuesday, I was pretty excited to get out of the heat (and, it turns out, rain).

This was a lot of fun for us. The Century Center hall is big, and gives kids a lot of room to run and play. And the town does a great job of bringing in equipment to make it enjoyable.

There is a large mat in the center of the room with baby toys for the younger ones (or for the bigger ones to flop around on). There are big blocks, balls, small blocks, musical instruments, a rug with the alphabet on it, and tunnels and tents to crawl in. There are also two tables that are kid-sized. One table has books, the other table has toddler puzzles. In the meantime, Raffi plays in the background.

No rules here about socks, shoes, barefeet, etc.

It is $3 per child to get in. You can show up at any time and leave at any time.

The Town of Carrboro's website seems to indicate that there are some group activities, too. We didn't see any being offered while we were there, but that was okay with us as C simply had fun playing with the other kids.

Also, if you see any literature that says "Ages 3 -5," ignore it. This is clearly 5 & under. There were some new babies doing tummy time on the big mats. So as long as they are under 5 they are welcome.

I believe that this is being offered now for the duration of the year, but stay tuned to Carrboro's website, see below, to make sure there aren't any holidays before you go.

Carrboro Century Center
Toddler Preschool Playtime
-- listed in "Program : Special Events"
100 North Greensboro Street
(919) 918-7385


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