Sunday, July 4, 2010

Carrboro's July 4th Celebration

It seems mean to tell you how much we loved a family event when it only happens once a year. But I think that you should know how great the Carrboro 4th of July event is so you can mark it as a 'to do' next year!

Much like the Carrboro Day, this festival is all about the hometown appeal. But this festival is much bigger than Carrboro Day and all about the entire family. Ok, this still isn't a huge event, simply because Carrboro isn't huge, but it is big enough to offer hours of entertainment for everyone.

Things kick off at 9:30 in the morning at Weaver Street Market. Here there is music and a few crafts. There is also lots of celebratory red, white, and blue gear. This is so you can decorate up! Because next is the parade.

No, this is not a parade with floats and local celebrities. This is a parade where everyone and anyone is welcome to decorate themselves, their bikes, their Radio Flyer wagons with the goods at Weaver Street and march behind the Scottish bagpipes, welcoming in the festivities. The walk is short. You go from the Weaver Street lawn in Carrboro to Town Hall. But boy is it a happy walk.
From there, the rest of the day boasts activities around Town Hall.

There is a mainstage with music and cloggers going from 11 until late afternoon. But outside of the mainstage entertainment, there are activities for kids all around. There is a Pirate with his parrot who does a magic act. There are colorful characters on stilts juggling. There is face painting and balloon art. There is a huge climbing wall brought in for the occasion.

The Carrboro Public Library does a book exchange. The Scrap Exchange is on site to offer arts and crafts for kids.

There is also a separate stage devoted to entertaining children. There are clowns, magic shows, and a lady who is famous for her whistling.

But the place where we spent the most time, and where I felt as though Carrboro had really thought of everything, was in Toddler Square. Yes, they had set up a tent dedicated solely and specifically to toddler friendly activities. Even if you don't have toddler-aged kids, I am sure you can appreciate the fact that this takes a lot of thought! There were toddler-sized sandboxes, tunnels and other climbing apparatus, water tables for play and splashing, blocks, mats, and musical instruments. It was all under cover, and was very popular with the kids (even some not-toddler-aged kids).

Also at your disposable is the Town Commons Playground.

There are plenty of contests, too. We did not catch the Baby Crawl race, but I wish we had because that would have been fantastic. There was also a watermelon seed spitting contest which we also missed, but we were pulling for Erica. We heard that there is a pie eating contest (which if there had been an ice cream eating contest I would have been all over that), and a Patriotic Costumes Contest. They also had senior bingo. Something for everyone!

Carrboro's 4th of July festival has vendors, including the acclaimed Only Burger truck, that sell hot dogs, fresh lemonade, burgers and fries.

Coolers allowed, no alcoholic beverages. Stroller friendly. Bathrooms available in Town Hall.

In short, while this festival doesn't offer fireworks, it does offer up a lot of family fun. The best part? It is still free. Yes, everything is free except the vendors. And parking is still easy. No shuttling here.

So next 4th of July, try to spend it in the family-focused, smalltown Carrboro sort of way.

Carrboro July 4th Celebration
Town Hall Commons


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