Thursday, July 8, 2010

Central Recreation Center Playground - Hillsborough

As I mentioned with Turnip Patch Park, Hillsborough has some really great parks, yet so often they seem empty. Of course, as a reader mentioned, Hillsborough oftentimes puts the parks in the harsh sun with very little shade.
That is the case with the playground at the Hillsborough Recreation Center located in downtown Hillsborough. The playground is really nice, looks brand new, and there are some great, creative pieces for imaginative play. Yet there isn't a speck of shade.

This is definitely geared towards older kids, ages 5 and up. Generally when I see that C and I can still find something to get ourselves in trouble with. But this playground really didn't have anything for the toddlers. Although C did enjoy watching me try to do the monkey bars ("try" being the operative word).

The playground is fenced off. The ground cover is mulch. Parking is easy. You could potentially walk here from downtown Hillsborough, but it might be a long walk. I couldn't tell you from experience since we drove.

Hillsborough's Central Recreation Center Playground
300 W. Tryon Street


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