Wednesday, July 7, 2010

City Market & Artspace - Raleigh

A note from Sarah C. today. I know it's hot hot hot right now, so you probably want to stay indoors. But if you haven't explored downtown Raleigh yet, there are some good options for everyone, both indoors and out.

A fun place to explore in downtown Raleigh is City Market. It's located just a block south of Marbles below Moore Square and features a variety of shops and restaurants with cobblestone streets and bricked sidewalks connecting them.

D and I recently took my mom there. We found parking in an adjacent lot located off of Person Street. It has a pay station where you pay for the time you want and it prints a ticket to be placed on your dashboard. We found a space close to the alleyway that connects this lot to Blake Street inside City Market. This was good for access, but bad for the stroller as it does have a few steps and no ramp. I'd recommend parking closer (or at least walking to) either Davie or Martin streets to avoid steps and have a smooth ride. If you are visiting Artspace, like we did, it's best to head south to Davie Street and follow it to the front entrance. The rear entrance from the interior of City Market is like the alleyway and has steps with no ramp.

Inside Artspace, we wandered the two floors of galleries and studios. Stopping along the way to view the work and chat with some of the artists. Since D is still contained in his stroller, we made our way around quite easily. Keep in mind that if your child is too big for the stroller, but not good at "do not touch" you might want to pass on Artspace for now.

Artspace offers classes including summer camp programs for children that are rising 3rd graders and up. If you have a budding artist or are interested in one of the adult classes for yourself, check out the info on the Artspace website (see below) for more details.

Our visit also included lunch at Vic's Italian Restaurant and a stop at City Market Produce. City Market Produce is only open Thursday - Saturday so plan your visit accordingly if you want to stop in. Inside you will find a colorful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a few jarred goodies such as jellies, jams and honey.

We just skimmed the surface of things to do in City Market, check out the website (see below) for details on the other shops and dining options as well as information about First Friday Gallery Walk. It's a great evening of art, music, food, drinks and socialization. Kids are welcome, but it would also make a great date night which all parents could use from time to time.

City Market - First Friday Gallery Walk info
Block surrounded by Blount, Martin, Person and Davie Streets

201 East Davie St.

Vic's Italian Restaurant
331 Blake Street



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