Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goodberry's Creamery

Carolina Parent just listed Goodberry's as one of their top picks of the Triangle. So I was happy to see a post from Sarah C. about this today. And, of course, I'll always take another yummy excuse to go out for a sweet treat:

Looking for a way to cool down on these hot summer days? How about a little frozen custard from our local Goodberry's Creamery? Goodberry's makes their frozen custard fresh
daily from 5 basic ingredients (milk, cream, eggs, pure cane sugar, and honey) along with natural flavorings. Meaning not only does it taste delicious, it's all natural goodness. A true treat you can feel good about sharing with your little ones.

There are 9 locations in the Triangle with walk-up ordering and patio eating. The newest location in Raleigh's Cameron Village features indoor seating as well and was constructed using sustainable materials - now that's evidence of a company that takes "all natural" seriously.

Personally, I'm still a Goodberry's purist and love enjoying my custard under a red umbrella on a hot summer's night.

Goodberry's Creamery

Locations are too many to list here.
Check the company website for location information and the flavor of the day!


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