Sunday, July 4, 2010

Krispy Kreme

From Sarah C. today. An American classic on a very American day. Happy 4th everyone.

I didn't actually discover Krispy Kreme until college. Tragic, I know. During long hours in design school at NCSU, a welcome treat was a middle of the night trip to Krispy Kreme on Person Street for refueling. There is something so delicious (particularly at 3 A.M.) about a hot, melt in your mouth donut.

As I moved into adulthood (and a middle that expands easier), my visits to Krispy Kreme declined. It had actually been a few years since I stopped in when I read news articles about the renovation of the store. I promised D we'd make his first trip after it re-opened and so recently we did just that.

Sadly, the "Hot Now" sign was not on, but that didn't stop us. The new retail area sparkles and displays shelves of delicious donuts as well as their newest product - Kool Kreme. Yes, ice cream and donuts. Yum.

The favorite part of the trip for D were the windows where you can get a view of the donut making process. He was entranced with it. We stood there for quite a bit watching the sugary goodness roll past. As if everything else (the familiar red/white/green sign outside; the beautiful display cases; the sugary smell in the air) weren't enough to make your mouth water - this will.

It makes a fun and cool activity for a summer's day and pairs nicely with other downtown Raleigh adventures such as Kazoom Puppets, Marbles or the NC Museum of Natural Science. If your kids are too tired from those activities, you can always hit the drive-thru for a little snack to enjoy on the drive home.

Krispy Kreme
549 North Person Street
Raleigh, NC
(919) 833-3682



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