Monday, July 12, 2010


Stacey "S'Rich" is our resident Durham expert. She took us all to Pop's, which was great family dining. So when she mentioned Nosh as a great place for kids, DH and I went to check it out. And it is great!

It's a walk up counter, but the quality of food is not diminished. The sandwiches we had were very good. And I personally recommend the Nosh Kettle Chips. The prices are great, too, at $5-$8 for an entree. There is a kids menu for little ones, as well as an espresso bar, desserts, a breakfast menu, and milkshakes.

The thing that makes this so fun is that they have a slew of games, books, and toys for kids and families. Nosh invites you to linger. C had a great time playing in the bin of dinosaurs while we were there. It is a great atmosphere.

The other cute thing about this place, although it also pulls at the heartstrings, is that you are given a picture of an animal up for adoption as your identification marker. We had Patch on our table-- a cute little dog that needed a home. When our food came up, they called out Patch's name, and we knew it was us. So cute, yet also made me want to head to the local shelter immediately and take Patch home.

Nosh is located next to Six Plates, if you want to grab a drink during their Babies in Bars. You could also pair this with some time at Duke Gardens.

2812 Erwin Road, Suite 101
Durham, NC 27705


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