Saturday, July 24, 2010

Southwest Regional Library - Durham

From Sarah C. today. Wish I had been able to take C to this, it sounds like fun!

On a recent week, our playgroup was small - just S'Rich, myself and our boys. Looking for an indoor activity, we decided to visit the Southwest Regional Library in Durham. The library's calendar noted an event that afternoon that looked like fun - Sandi Sylver, Storyteller and Ventriloquist. Since D had enjoyed the puppets we saw at Kazoom in Raleigh a couple months ago, I thought he might enjoy this as well.

Unfortunately, both boys were more interested in exploring the new place. They did sit for a few minutes to watch the storytelling portion and people watch those around us. Ms. Sylver did an excellent job involving the kids. They were joining her hand motions and repeating lines. The older kids around us (preschool and school age) were definitely into the show.

As our boys became more and more wiggly in our laps, we decided to head out (sadly before the puppets - I definitely would like to try again to see that portion of the show). We wandered into the library to the children's section. And oh what fun it is! Lots of natural lighting, cute decor (D kept pointing at a blow up whale hanging from the ceiling), and plenty of low tables and chairs.

There were coloring stations and puzzles to enjoy. And, of course, lots of books. The shelves holding the picture books were fabulous. They have a great low design that made it easy for our boys to explore. The base features a more traditional shelf with books lined up.
Above it is an open bin with books set so the front covers are facing you. Topping it all off is a slanted shelf to display select titles. And while we all know that you aren't supposed to judge a book by it's cover, of course our little ones are going to make their choices by that alone which makes this great - they can easily see and grab what they want to look at.

I'd suggest grabbing several and heading to the seating area featured above with the multicolored carpet tiles. Those foam chairs were super comfy.

If you find you have a little extra time before or after your adventure and are hungry, this pairs well with a visit to Pop's Backdoor South located a bit further down Shannon Road in Hope Valley Square.

Southwest Regional Library
3605 Shannon Road
Durham, NC
919- 560-8590

Want to see the storyteller or catch another event? Check the library calendar for the full listing of times and locations:
Durham County Library Calendar - All Branches



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