Monday, July 5, 2010

Toyland at Southpoint

Updated 2/2011: It was a beautiful affair, even if it was brief. Toyland at Southpoint Mall has closed.

From Sarah C. today:

After several years without a toy store, the Streets of Southpoint is now home to Toyland. It’s filled with a variety of specialty toys. Parents will recognize brands such as Melissa & Doug, Alex Toys and Playmobile. The store also stocks educational books, puzzles, stuffed animals, and more commonly found brands such as Legos and Beanie Babies.

The part of the store that’s sure to be the biggest hit with the kids (well, minus taking a toy home, that is), are the play areas. There are several spread throughout the store. My personal favorite – a table filled up with “dirt” (ie, rubber mulch) and trucks for scooping it. The kids can have a blast digging in the “dirt” and moms don’t need to fear any stains.

During your next visit to Southpoint, head toward Macy's (opposite end of the mall from the Kidzone) and take a peek.

Toyland – Streets of Southpoint
6910 Fayetteville Rd Durham, NC 27713

(919) 572-0900



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