Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am in Whole Foods off of Elliot Road a lot these days. Gourmet take out for mama, and organic baby food for C who is lately refusing to eat anything that isn't processed (aaah, toddlers). So on a whim on one of those visits, I decided to drop into Twig, the little shop next door, to figure out what it was.

I'll just throw it out there and say that their name made me think it was a garden shop. So you can guess my shock when I saw the whole back of the room dedicated to organic clothes, wooden toys, and other very cute gift items for kids and infants. For babies they have the Sophie the giraffe, Natursutten pacfiers, Ergos, and more. For kids, they have Plan toys, games, wooden trains, puzzles, Automobolox, and more.

Beyond that, though, Twig is a retail store that focuses on sustainable and green gifts and boutique items. In fact, their mission statement reads: "We are an eco-friendly specialty shop offering practical and beautiful ways to bring high quality, earth friendly choices into your life. You can feel good in knowing that what you buy at Twig does make a difference and is serving a greater good." Turns out Twig was just rated the 2010 Independent Weekly Best Environmentally Friendly shop in the Triangle.

In fact, shortly after I realized that Twig had such goods, I went to a baby shower where a friend of mine bought the mother-to-be a slew of things from Twig. It was a great gift, and went over very well. I, of course, wasn't shopping for a baby shower, but I did manage to get C a Melissa & Doug toy since he seems to love them. And I went away feeling good that what I bought a Twig does make a difference and is serving the greater good.


99 South Elliot Road

Chapel Hill


At July 3, 2010 at 8:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see the really cool lunch bags that hold Bento Boxes? They have kids and adult themed ones...

At July 3, 2010 at 9:43 AM , Blogger chapelhillmom said...

I did see those! They were great.

At July 23, 2010 at 3:46 PM , Anonymous Laura Roe said...

They're called the Laptop Lunchbox ( I LOVE it for my son. He started in preschool last year and an awesome afterschool (Cely's House - which by the way makes for a SUPER birthday party location) and I was going to have to make lunch every day. I really aim to never buy food that's totally packaged - can't stand the waste of those 100 calorie packs etc... So, the Laptop Lunchbox keeps food organized in reusable containers and neatly presented to your child. I had my son's name embroidered on the front at Etch-n-Stitch in Hillsborough ( - a nice shop with a good selection of gifts that can be personalized). With summer camps and sending more lunches, it has been great! I also LOVE Twig, such a nice shop. I bought a bunch of their kid plates, cups and bowls made of glass that's "shatterproof."


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