Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pritchard Park - Chapel Hill

While on a visit to the Chapel Hill Public Library, I noticed the signs for Pritchard Park. So I packed C in the stroller and exploring we went.

Pritchard Park is over 30 acres of wild woods with a 1-mile nature loop through it. The loop is accessible from Library Drive, which is how C and I found it. Just look for the signs pointing the way.

The trail loops and you will also see a trailhead at the library parking lot, with a spur heading down towards Estes Drive.

To walk down to Estes Drive (which spits you out right near the Trader Joe's and EVOS, by the way) you get a paved, lighted path that is quite nice.

However, if you want to take in Pritchard Park, bring a carrier or at the very least a jogging stroller. We had the umbrella stroller and while my MacLaren can tackle a lot I put in front of it, it gave a huge sigh of defeat on these trails.

The path is very pretty, though, and I like how you can get some nature time with your library time.

Pritchard Park is going to be given some nice updates as part of the library expansion, too. Look for an art garden here in 2011.

Pritchard Park
Library Drive
Chapel Hill
"A one mile nature trail encircles the park, with two spurs to the library branching off the main trail on the western side. You can access the trail from the parking lot and library as well as from Library Drive. Green and white signs point the way. Proceeding north from Library Drive, the trail ascends gently along the creek until it reaches the footbridge, then rises more sharply as it angles toward Audubon Road. From there it heads southeast over the ridge, crossing an asphalt walkway to enter the eastern side of the park, where it descends gently toward Estes Drive.


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