Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blue Corn Cafe

If your kids are anything like my child, even Mexican (or Latin American) food isn't made quick enough for him to withstand the torture of sitting at the table for a full sit-down meal. So when a friend told me that Blue Corn Cafe expanded with a play space, we went to check it out. They still have quick service and quality food, but with a designated kids play-space in the back this Durham institution is now a place to go with antsy kids!

Located near the bar (perfect) towards the back, this spot has chalkboard paint on the walls, a television unit streaming cartoons at times and on-demand, a big couch, a rug, and buckets and buckets of toys for kids of all ages.

You know how we love restaurants that cater to families on our blog, but a couple of things to note. When we visited, there were some children who were obviously related to someone who worked at or owned the restaurant. They were very nice and well-behaved, but they were older so the tv and the space were certainly being used the entire time. And it isn't a terribly large spot.

Blue Corn Cafe has food that people in Durham rave about, but kid's plates aren't cheap. It is $7 - $8 for an entree off of the kids menu. This is the same price as some of the adult entrees. We opted for getting one adult entree, a few sides a la carte, and sharing.

Also, this is right by the bathrooms and entrance to the kitchen. So don't let your runaway babies get too far out of grasp.

The staff here was incredibly nice. And they had no problems at all with our toddlers running around, "speaking loudly" (known to non-parents as screeching), and ruling the roost.

We stopped at Ox & Rabbit for some milkshakes after our queso dip.

Blue Corn Cafe
716 Ninth Street


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