Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dual Supply Co. in Hillsborough

My days in Hillsborough are numbered. In a few short weeks I will be back in the Hill city. So I am trying to get everything out of this great little town I can (send me suggestions if you have them). And one surprise find? Dual Supply Co. in downtown Hillsborough.

This place has been around forever (or 36 years, same thing). It is a neighborhood hardware store that has far more character than Lowe's or Home Depot. And not only will they help you out with your home improvement needs, but they sell some kids stuff here, too. Their most impressive offering: Radio Flyer items. There are a couple of things in here to choose from but these are mostly ride on toys (although they do have the John Deere wagon), and the prices are reasonable. You have to dig through all of the random things that this place has. They keep more stuff than you could dream in this place, and given that some of it has been there for years and years, it isn't the most organized shop. But shouldn't you have to dig through decades-old gear in a classic Mom & Pop shop to buy your Radio Flyer? Much more authentic than what Santa did at our home this year (ordered it from Target).

Other goodies for kids, besides the oodles of oddities they can take in, are galoshes (adult sized, too), wooden kid-sized rocking chairs that are super-cute, some John Deere tractor toys, and who knows what else you will find when you get to digging.

They also sell local produce here.

For parents: this is one of the few hardware stores that will make lawn mower repair housecalls and will sell you just 1 bolt if you need it (instead of a pack).

Take a trip back in time. Head to Dual Supply.

Dual Supply Co.
115 W. King Street


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