Sunday, September 12, 2010

R.S. Dunham Park

From Sarah C.:

Thanks to a tip from my neighbor, K.T., I recently took D to play at R.S. Dunham Park in Cary. The park isn't large but features a nice toddler play space. There are bucket swings, a sandbox, 2 teeter totters and a small climbing structure with a double slide. Truthfully, I think he had just as much fun searching out and picking up pinecones as he did playing on the equipment!

The park also has a play area for older kids with a larger structure and swings, basketball courts, and a grassy field all immediately adjacent to the toddler area.

Set into the back of the park are 5 tennis courts. There's a great winding path between them which also made for fun exploration with a toddler (just had to keep an eye out that the rocks he found didn't make it into his mouth!). The path ends at a building that housed the restrooms. Unfortunately, it is currently boarded up and has evidence of a fire. There are 2 porta potties available in the parking lot.

R.S. Dunham Park
519 Walnut Street


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