Monday, October 11, 2010

Cedar Falls Park- Chapel Hill

These days are just gorgeous, aren't they?! To enjoy it, C and I hit Cedar Falls Park. This was a great park that more parents should be using.
The playground has two climbing structures (as is pretty common). One for younger kids and one for older kids. But what I really liked was the fact that this playground gets more shade than some of the other ones we have been to. The ground cover is mulch, and there are some picnic benches as well as swings and bucket swings.

The unique thing about Cedar Falls Park, though, is the walking trail -- the Jo Peeler Nature Trail. It is a very gentle trail that makes a 0.6 mile loop through the park. And, while no Talking Trees Trail, my family really liked it as at the beginning of the trail you can pick up a laminated trail map and walking guide.

The path is marked with points of interest. You see the number, find the corresponding number on the guide, and you learn a little about the flora, fauna, and history (including the regeneration of the growth after Hurricane Fran). There were some great little things along this path!

Umbrella strollers won't work, but jogging strollers could probably hack it. Note that there are two other trails in the park, but for kids I really liked this Nature Trail. Please be sure to return the guide to the kiosk for others to use.

There is a creek that goes through the park that you should seek out. It's great for wading, albeit it could be getting a little chilly.

There are also ballparks here, fenced in if you want to take your toddler to run freely yet safely. Restrooms are available.

Cedar Falls Park
Weaver Dairy Road (across from East Chapel Hill High School)
Chapel Hill


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