Friday, October 15, 2010

Southpoint Mall: Beyond the Play Area

So we're already mentioned the great playarea at Southpoint Mall, and we've reviewed the Pottery Barn Kids' Storytime, Toyland, and the walking "trail" at this mall. But there are even more things here! (And I know I will be here a lot more once the Crate & Barrel goes in, so we need to know these things!)

I have to say the surprise find that I love most are the small toddler-sized tables at the Food Court. Not that I love feeding C from a food court, but nothing says that you have to buy food here to use what they have! Besides, Chick-Fil-A has some great options. And I do love the hoards of small tables. There are certainly a lot of these, so use them! Although you can't use them - they have signs on each chair saying the weight limit is 100 pounds (if you are a parent under 100 pounds please don't tell me!). These are sprinkled throughout the "big kid" tables all around the food court, so go hunting for them.

I thought that the water fountains in the walking area would be good fun for us, but not so much. It turns out that some toddlers (like mine) like to get IN the water. And there are clear signs posted that say these fountains aren't for playing (unlike those cool Northgate Mall ones). And sometimes toddlers don't understand that. Ooops. But the statues and the water in general are a great point of interest. Don't forget all the statues inside, too.

By the by, we have talked about the Nordstrom Lounge as a great place to nurse, but Southpoint Mall provides nursing lounges at the Women's Restrooms. They aren't as fancy as Nordstrom or Babies R Us, but a fantastic resource we are happy to report are available to you. They also have great family restrooms at this mall that we hear are great for potty-trainers. Check the mall map to really pinpoint them.

The Streets at Southpoint & Main Street
6910 Fayetteville Road


At October 17, 2010 at 12:47 PM , Anonymous Raleigh Mommy said...

I just discovered the nursing rooms in the family restroom at Southpoint yesterday. Fabulous! While I like the Nordstrom lounge, I'm loving that the nursing rooms are private (ie: you can lock the door)!

At October 17, 2010 at 5:02 PM , Blogger chapelhillmom said...

Good point! The locking is a really nice feature! Thanks for pointing that out.


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