Monday, November 22, 2010

The ArtsCenter SuperFun Show Series

The ArtsCenter in Carrboro is already such a great resource for our town. They keep the arts accessible. They aren't too big, and because of that they can bring quality classes and fantastic acts to our area. You can get hands-on with arts here. I personally think they are just great. Then I was even more pleased to learn that they cater to children of all ages outside of the classroom, too.

I would be referring to the SuperFun Show Series that runs once a month. Usually on a Saturday afternoon, an arts show of one kind or another comes for the children. There is magic, music, dancing, and puppets. The shows range month to month.

The particular show we caught last weekend was Hobey Ford's shadow puppetry. This was beautiful. It was Native American tales told through shadow puppets, which if you haven't caught before you should look it up. It is pretty neat. C was fascinated and sat still, which is no small feat for a 2-year old boy.

Beyond the particular show, though, the SuperFun series is wonderful for kids since they know their audience. Children are never expected to sit still and quiet for the entire show. In fact, while at the puppet show there was not only audience participation at requested times, but there was children chatter the whole time and no one minded at all. And the performers know that they are dealing with kids, so things have to move fast and change a lot. The whole attention span thing....

The ArtsCenter theater is a great size for kids. You can be close enough to the stage wherever you are to have a great view. And at the end they conduct a Q&A session for the performers, where the kids get to ask their questions. I am always amazed at how perceptive and curious children are.

Tickets vary show to show so check online. But in general adults are $9, kids 3 and up are $7, kids 2 and under free.

The next show is coming up December 4th and stay tuned to the website below for a list of all upcoming shows.

The ArtsCenter SuperFun Show Series
300- G East Main Street


At November 23, 2010 at 2:30 PM , Blogger HeatherV said...

Thanks! A new date night with my 4 year old idea.

At November 23, 2010 at 10:03 PM , Blogger chapelhillmom said...

Heather- this is definitely a good date! The next one is music and that looks very promising. 2011 calendar will be published soon. Enjoy!


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