Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Loves Disco

We sent our super correspondent Marney out to get you the scoop on the nationwide hit Baby Loves Disco. Baby Loves Disco is a monthly event in some major cities. But for other cities they visit through a tour around the US. Dates for new locations and cities are announced with only a couple months' noticed. We were ecstatic they were right in Carrboro at The ArtsCenter. Use the information we provide below to get excited about and stay tuned for the next Triangle area announcement, which we are hopeful will happen someday soon. Now without further ado, Marney's write up about Baby Loves Disco Lemonade Tour 2010:

I was super excited for Baby Loves Disco to be here in Carrboro since my kids (and most right?) love love love to dance and well I admit it, so do I. What could be more fun then to break up the evening routine with some DJ music, pizza and a huge energy release for the kids and parents? Well, not much really. And, this dance party did not disappoint on any of these fronts. I honestly felt like I was a really fantastic Sweet 16! The DJ's spun great music and offered plenty of motivation to keep the crowd dancing; bubble machines, limbo, dance contests with cool prizes (H&M gift certificates), and shaker eggs to add rhythm and take home!

Baby Loves Disco is a traveling group of DJ's / dancers / musicians that put on a kid friendly dance party in the early evening hours. The group was born over 5 years ago in Philadelphia and now tours in 45 US cities and abroad. It's suitable for ages 6 months - 7 years and their parents. The 2010 Lemonade tour is spreading awareness and raising money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand (http://www.alexslemonade.org/) and was sponsored by H&M along with some other local businesses. Tickets cost $5 for kids (crawlers free) and $10 for adults. No kid, no admission.

Aside from the great music, the back of the room was set up as a chill-out area with tents, toys, books and puzzles, a baby changing station and chairs to rest. Outside the room there were more fun activities like face painting, sock-puppet making, a "mini manicure" station, and a full spread of healthy snacks like hummus + pita, carrots, fruit and organic juice boxes. There was also pizza on sale by the slice and beer / wine for the adults.

This truly is an event that the whole family can enjoy. All the parents were smiling as much as the kids and dancing up a storm. The event sold out in 2 weeks but the room never felt overly crowded. Perhaps it was because there was more to do than just dance. I personally prefer a crowded dance floor but my husband made a good point that more people might mean little toes get stepped on. And, kids do need a lot of room to let loose :) There was a TON of picture taking which was exhausting but honestly, it was unavoidable as there is nothing cuter than kids dancing with reckless abandon to "Ring My Bell".

Check out their website to see if and when they will return to this area and spread the word to your friends!

[MiChill note]: The geniuses behind Baby Loves Disco offer a line of children's music. These award-winning albums include Baby Loves HipHop and Baby Loves Salsa. Visit www.babylovesmusic.com for more information.

Baby Loves Disco



At November 9, 2010 at 7:39 PM , Anonymous Laura R. said...

We had a blast too and will keep our eyes and ears on the lookout for another one. It was definitely a lot less crowded than what I was expecting for a sold out event, but agree that it was nice so that you didn't feel like you would loose your kid. My sister and T were in the first dance off! I see that my back side made it into both shots on the posting. :) The second one has little D being held by my sister, me and my good friend & her kid. Great event!

At November 12, 2010 at 7:39 AM , Blogger Allison said...

Laura that is too funny that you make an appearance! Glad you got to go. I hope to be in town for the next one...sounds great.


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