Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

A post from Sarah C. (and it's brilliant):

When I heard a new toy store had opened in Cary, I knew D and I needed to go check it out. Oh and the fun we had doing so! Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is a large, beautiful store packed with fun for all ages. D started the adventure in his stroller, but I quickly let him out so he could explore.

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They were very relaxed about D checking out toys and pulling items off the shelves for a better look (or just to redecorate ... truthfully, it's hard to tell with a 15 month old!). One of the ladies even kindly carried a few toys over that she thought he might like to try and told me that the store owner loves for the kids to come and play. I appreciated that tidbit as I'm sure we'll find our way over to play from time to time.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books also offers a frequent shopper program and free gift wrap everyday. Currently they have birthday paper as well as
Hanukkah and Christmas. One less detail for busy parents to have to worry about!

One final note storytime is offered each Friday morning at 11.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books | Brilliant Sky - Cary | Facebook
Stone Creek Village Shopping Center



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