Friday, November 5, 2010

Chapel Hill Pediatric Dentistry

A helpful post today from "S'Rich" about taking care of your kids' teeth:

We saw Dr. Avni Rampersaud at Chapel Hill Pediatric Dentistry (behind the Lowes on 15-501, ) and had a great experience with the practice.

Their waiting room was comfortable with a cute nook filled with toys and activities for kids. They saw us promptly.

I didn't come with a lot of questions since I was pretty sure I could guess what I'd learn: brush my toddler's teeth more. But thanks to our wonderful hygienist, I came away learning so much more than I expected about my toddler's teeth. We got tips for how and when to brush, as well as what to use when brushing along with so many things I never would have thought to ask or research. After his cleaning (during which he sat in my lap), they painted on a special fluoride treatment, so he couldn't have anything crunchy the rest of the day (which made my snack trap filled with cheerios useless, so plan ahead for that, mommas!).

The fun office decor and happy people we met made it a great experience for my 18 month old, so when he goes back at 3 (per the dentist's recommendation), I'm sure he won't have any anxiety over his visit. Plus, I loved how their supportive approach to dentistry made me come away feeling good about my son's teeth and better prepared to keep them in good shape.

So for anyone who's debating whether or not these early childhood dentist visits are worth it, I'd definitely recommend it (and if my vote isn't enough, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry agrees).

Both of the pediatric dentists require you to file your own insurance claims, but (I assume this is true for other places like this) they provide you with all the paperwork you need, so you can just fill it out and send it in.

Chapel Hill Pediatric Dentistry
205 Sage Road, Suite 202
Chapel Hill, NC 27514



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