Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Green Hope Elementary School Park

From Sarah C.:

Finally a great playground for the smaller set! Since most equipment is geared to 2-5 or 5-12 age groups, and we're under 2, many playgrounds are a bit of a challenge for D. This one had a structure that was right up his alley along with swings, teeter totters and a sandbox. I also loved that the play structure was surrounded by trees providing plenty of shade (note the teeter totters, sandbox and bucket swings are not so fortunate).

Located next door to Green Hope Elementary School, the park itself is very spacious! There are soccer fields, sand volleyball courts, picnic areas, and, of course, the aforementioned playground. We watched a bit of a volleyball game on our way back to the car and D was totally enthralled with it.

Also good to know, the Cary Tennis Center is immediately across the street (next to Green Hope High School) and there is nearby access to greenways. Restrooms are available next to the teeter totter/sandbox area during non-school hours.

Green Hope Elementary School Park
2750 Louis Stevens Drive



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