Thursday, November 18, 2010

IKEA (Charlotte)

From Sarah C.:

As if you needed a reason to trek to Charlotte to visit IKEA, here are two: shopping and fun. DH & I finally made it during a child-free weekend and were stunned by the enormity of the place (perhaps we're the last 2 people to visit an IKEA?). Truthfully, I wasn't entirely sure where to start once we made through the entrance. Thankfully, there are pamphlets including a store map and shopping list ready to help you out along with plenty of signage.

The building contains two levels. Head up to the second floor to start with the showrooms. You can wind through them browsing the displays and filling your cart with smaller items (larger items such as furniture are displayed and you note specifics for pick-up in the Self-Serve area later). The final showroom area is Children's IKEA which is conveniently located next to the stairs and elevators (ie, you could easily head straight here from the entrance downstairs) and the restaurant. The restaurant made for a great break point in our shopping trip and had good food at a very affordable price.

After visiting the showrooms and restaurant, head downstairs to shop the Marketplace and Self-Serve areas. Here's where you really load up the cart. The Marketplace features all the fun smaller stuff - pillows, fabrics, lights, frames, glassware, desk accessories, etc. The Self-Serve is literally a giant warehouse with racks and racks of the bigger items. Here's where that little pamphlet with the map and shopping list that you pick up when entering the store comes in handy. As you find items (ie, kids table and chairs set) in the showrooms you like, you note the description along with the item number and the aisle & bin where it is located. Refer to that in the Self-Serve area to locate your purchase.

Now, returning to the intro, perhaps you noted where I mentioned we were "child-free" and are thinking, "but this is supposed to be about taking our kids?" And it is. D will definitely be with us next time around. We stopped on a whim during a weekend getaway and, not knowing what we were in for, felt like it was a great time to explore it on our own. One of the things we learned is how family and kid friendly IKEA is:
  • Potty trained kids between 36-54 inches can enjoy free playtime at SmÃ¥land for one hour while you shop.
  • The restaurant features 99c options and a kids eating area complete with smaller tables and chairs. Essentials like bibs and bottle warmers are also available.
  • Play areas throughout the store.
  • Family friendly parking conveniently located just off the entrance in its own small lot.

And, if for whatever reason you aren't in the mood to shop, it's conveniently located off of I-85 and would make a great stop just for lunch and to stretch your legs for a bit.

IKEA Charlotte
8300 IKEA Boulevard (I-85 exit 43/City Blvd)
Charlotte, NC
(704) 549-4532



At April 3, 2012 at 10:00 PM , Blogger Melissa said...

Thank you for posting his, making my first trek there this week and found it very helpful!


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