Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seaforth Recreation Area at Jordan Lake

I love doing things in the Triangle off season. For example, I loved Seaforth Recreation Area when pregnant because it was summer and I got to go and wade my big belly into the water from the beach (beached whale jokes not permitted here). But then yesterday, on a very warm North Carolina fall day, I loved it for the time I was here with C. I really treasured this day.

Seaforth is off of 64, technically in Pittsboro but close to Apex. It is free to get into October through March. Not that it is terribly expensive during high season, but free is always nice. The best part? We were completely alone. And it was gorgeous.

We did go down to the beach area. The water is cold of course, but the vistas some of the best you can find in the Triangle. And the beach was a great big sandbox for one tiny boy.

If you come here to swim in the summer, note that there aren't any lifeguards on duty.

There is a playground here, too, for when the beach gets boring. The playground has swings (no buckets) and a tire swing. The playgym is certainly designed for older kids. You can tell by the photo below that the bridge component doesn't have guardrails, only handrails (big difference). No shade, and the ground cover is sand, of course.
There are a slew of picnic benches, in fact I read that there are 47, and shelters around Seaforth. They get busy during the summer weekends, but always keep them in mind.

C and I skipped the walking trail this trip. We had all the fun we could take on the big empty beach and the swingset. But the trail makes a nice little 1.4 mile loop and isn't strenuous. In fact, I have read that it is very clearly defined as not a hiking path but a foot trail. I bet a jogging stroller could hack it.

There are large permanent restroom facilities at this recreation area.
Boat ramps also available.

Remember to keep this jaunt in mind for warmer months, too.

Seaforth Recreation Area at Jordan Lake
Seaforth is located on a spit (looks like an island in the middle of the lake) on the south side of US-64. Look for the signs.
Map of Jordan Lake facilities here


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