Thursday, November 11, 2010

Southern Village Playground: Newell Street

This playground in Southern Village gets 2 big thumbs up from this mom. It has shade AND is fenced in! Beauty! We haven't seen that winning combination since the Carrboro Elementary School playground.

There are a few swings (including 1 bucket swing), a kid-sized picnic table, and a playgym. The gym was wood and geared for the older kids with a bridge that had handrails but no guardrails.

It was also great as the entire place was a big old sandbox. There were all sorts of sand toys strewn about. Of course, I thought twice about this when two neighborhood cats came over to say hi and hang out in the playground with us....

This little playground has a lot of charm. Buried in a cute community it is surrounded by white picket fencing and big trees that are turning fall golds and reds. It felt a little like New England.

If you want to get out your stroller and walk around to enjoy the fall temperatures, Southern Village's market center center is close by. Treat yourself to some gelato at La Vita Dolce or a latte at Weaver Street Market. Whatever suits!

Southern Village Playground: Newell Street
on the corner of Newell Street & Winston Ridge
Chapel Hill


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