Friday, November 12, 2010

Wellness Center at Meadowmont (Pool)

The Wellness Center at Meadowmont, run by UNC, is supposedly the place in Chapel Hill to work out. I had heard how gorgeous the facilities are, and their group fitness schedule is loaded. There is usually a wait to get a membership here. So when C wanted to get in the water, I decided to forego our usual Homestead Pool and head instead to the Wellness Center, use their waters, and get a peek inside.
You do not have to be a member to get in, but like most gyms you do have to pay for a visitors' day pass. It is $10 for a day for anyone over age 8. This is pricey! So right off the bat I am going to say that if you are going for the day, combine your day pass with other things, such as putting your kid in the childcare and taking a class.

The pool itself was very clean, but also very cold. It said on the board that it was 83 degrees, but I don't believe it. There is a warm water pool, but I was told that that is pretty much always reserved for PT sessions or water aerobics classes (despite all the kids toys that are in there). A total tease!

There was a zero-degree entry which is always great with kids.

They had one area of the pool open for recreational swim, so that is where we hung out. There were some great, brand new pool pieces such as turtle shaped kick boards and noodles.

The locker rooms were quite nice: big and clean. They have signs posted that kids over the age of 3 must use gender-appropriate locker rooms. But they do have 2 family changing rooms located near the pool (with showers, changing tables, and toilets). These family rooms were popular when I was there, with a wait.

There were two lifeguards on duty.

I took a little sneak at the rest of the facilities while there. The childcare (called Stay n Play) was so clean, it made me feel guilty about the cheerios sitting on my kid's playroom floor. There is also an indoor track to walk which is a great thing for the colder temperatures coming up.

Make sure to call ahead if you are going to use the pool for recreational swim. With a busy group fitness schedule that includes water aerobics, they sometimes close the pool completely.

This is in Meadowmont Village, so grab some Lickity Split treats while in town!

The UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont
100 Sprunt Street
Chapel Hill


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