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After a long winter's nap, C and I were ready to get out. Loving the indoor inflatables, and headed to Apex anyhow, I decided to give the much-raved about BounceU a try. I had to have blind trust in my GPS since the directions didn't make sense, but there it was: BounceU hidden off of Apex Peakway!

BounceU was great for us; they truly have things for kids of all ages.

First thing I liked: there is an open playtime devoted exclusively to kids under the age of 7. This is Monday through Friday 10 am to noon and is called "Preschool Playdate." C is always getting trampled by older kids, but it is nice to know the older kids aren't too much bigger than him in a restricted age play.

But never fear, if you have 2 kids or that time doesn't work for you, there are 2 all-aged open bounce sessions, at 12:30 and 3:30 Monday through Friday.

Playtimes are sessions. Meaning you pay $7.95 per child for the full two hours. When the 2 hours are up, you are done with your playtime. (Non-walking infants are free, but are not permitted on any of the bounce equipment. Adults are free and are permitted on the equipment, whoopee!)

BounceU is creative with their sessions. The 1st hour was spent in one room that had 4 bounces in it. The room itself wasn't too large, but the equipment was fun (although definitely not brand new). There was a slide, a soccer area that was great for infants (springy floor, wide open, and walled), an obstacle course the older kids loved, and a bounce that was perfect toddler-size.

Then, after the 1st hour, they open the doors to the second room and all the play moves. It was great! The kids were starting to get bored with the equipment, and were clamoring to see what was behind the next door. It also changed the focus of C who, at that point, had decided to take a messy interest in the water fountains...

The second room was bigger and mostly had stuff for older kids, but C still had fun. They have a spider climb all the way up to the ceiling (seriously cool, I wanted to do it) and the largest inflatable slide I have ever seen. They also have basketball hoops in the bounces as well as a boxing ring with big soft boxing gloves.

BounceU is very conscious of how many kids they allow in for open play. When I called them before going, they told me how many kids were in the room (25) and told me that wasn't normal, it was usually a lot less. They will never allow more than 40 kids in a space at one time and, depending on the situation, will sometimes limit it to less at their discretion. They suggest reservations if you want to ensure you get in.

This place was very relaxed. The only real rule was that you couldn't wear shoes. I saw parents with coffee from McDonald's watching their kids play (not in the bounce, of course), and it made me mad I left my hot coffee in the car (if only a blogger had told me!). Not very much staff oversight on the floor, but it is a small place and parents did a great job of monitoring their own kids.

I didn't see concessions for sale but I know that they have a gift shop and other items for sale up front so perhaps there?

They do offer a party package and special events. One such special event is a Parents Night Out (kids must be potty-trained to attend).

Check out the website for coupons.

Overall, BounceU was great and we had fun! So in parting, I leave you with a hearty cry of "BOUNCE - U." (say it with me now....)

BounceU in Apex
3419 Apex Peakway

"From Durham, Morrisville, RTP, Cary: • Follow Hwy 55 towards Apex, Bounce... MORE


At December 29, 2010 at 7:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see this. We are moving from PA to Hillsborough and my girls 7 & 9 yrs were excited to see a familiar place listed for something to do. Jodi G


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